Worrying too mcuh
  We all experience some stress and worry in our lives every day, but if you find yourself worrying so much that you’re losing sleep and having a hard time concentrating at work, then it’s time to take action. The first thing to remember is that, just as a seed cannot grow without soil and water to nourish it, your anxiety cannot grow without you feeding it. Most of the time, we really want to believe that it’s the external issues in life that make us anxious or a certain person that causes it but in reality, it’s our own minds that cause the worry.  

The only way to control your anxiety is by controlling and owning your thoughts.

  You can begin by thinking back to other times when you worried about something. Did the fear come true or was the worry groundless? How much time have you wasted agonising over something that never came about, or wasn’t as bad as expected? It’s okay to have a little anxiety, everyone does. It’s when the worry begins to control your life, then it has become a serious problem. Anxiety can actually make us fear to make decisions and prevents us from solving the problem. Instead, we just keep running the same negative possible outcome, over and over through our heads, until it becomes an excuse that limits us from moving on in life, learning and growing. (For more info on how to overcome our negative thoughts, check out one of my previous blogs on how to overcome the war in our minds )  

Our fear actually creates additional fear

  If there is something wrong, then you need to focus on fixing it instead of worrying about it. If it can’t be fixed, then worrying about what might happen tomorrow accomplishes nothing except spoiling today. Anxiety can become a vicious cycle that feeds itself. The only way to overcome anxiety is to overcome that particular fear, and this is accomplished by changing your thought process. Rather than having a mind full of fear, fill it with hope and favourable outcomes. Events seldom turn out as terrible or as wonderful as we imagine they will. Our thoughts tend to the extreme while life is usually somewhere in the middle.  

Concentrate on the positives

when you feel any negativity creeping into your thought process, push it away and go back to the positives. It is like a tug-of-war, either you control your anxiety or your anxiety will control you. Start with small issues and work your way up to larger ones, always picturing a positive outcome. Once you can keep these positive results in mind, you then need to begin taking positive action to make them come about. The cure for anxiety begins as a thought and then works its way into positive action.  


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