Benedicta .j

Health and fitness coach

Hey there, I'm Benedicta but known as Bene by most. I'm a Fitness Coach motivating women and adolescence to take control and invest in their wellbeing, fighting against mental and hormonal struggles.


Born in Sierra Leone and raised in the UK. Growing up I loved playing sports drawing, dancing and acting while exploring many outlets for my creativity.

I’m currently on my journey of transformation after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in late 2017. I went through a on going spiral of depression having panic attacks while at work and at home. Around this time I was working in the city for a recruitment company while setting up a fashion brand. My health was being neglected, making it harder  to perform at my best ability.  I wasn’t seeking help at the time and decided to stop everything I was doing to take sometime out and work on myself. Realising I wasn’t getting any results or happiness from the way I was living my life, I knew it was time for change and extreme discipline.

Blogging is something I’ve thought of doing but never imagined being any good at while fitness was always part of my life growing up, but never saw it as a career. Having hormonal imbalance made me realise that fitness and being fit needed to become a lifestyle rather than just a goal to gain a certain level of strength and ability.

Putting my two interests and passions together I wanted to create a platform to help other women and adolescences to battle against mental health and hormonal issues. Not conforming to the stigmas around women and fitness to truly transform their wellbeing mentally and physically.


We don’t have to be part of the ‘stereotypes’, labels or even allow toxic energy around us. But we do need to find a way to express ourselves, letting go of the old and blossoming into the new. There are no limits to what we can achieve when you chose to start a journey that focuses on developing who you truly are.

As women it all starts and ends with our bodies, from puberty, hormonal struggles, motherhood and menopause. We go through so much and don’t always understand how to deal with our complex system we call our bodies and minds. Everyone wants to tell us how to get better, finding quick fixes but how often do we maintain these changes, converting them into lifestyles where we can be independent in our own journeys and  support others effectively?

Well that’s what my brand is all about. Join me on this transformational journey. Yes I say it’s our journey because I’m just like you, a girl thats had her own struggles into adulthood dealing with mental health, hormonal imbalance and pressures of this busy world.

We’ll work on honouring our bodies, building each other up mentally and learning how to create a healthier lifestyle, with no artificial bull.

Genuinely living life to the full.