Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


I never thought or imagined I’d be here, wondering what to write, what to say or even trying to find the words to type. I’ve never seen myself as a writer, yet I’ve always had a story waiting to be told that I thought and felt needed more time to develop into a miraculous testimony or huge story of ultimate success. You know, something ‘big’ and life-changing to the world that could make an impact and save humanity. 

But I guess I also wanted to create something like an open novel/diary about my life, I just never had the courage. I thought I had to be entirely honest about it or open enough to share.

Well, there’s no time better than now, right? And guess what? I might not be at the peak of all heights deemed successful to this world, and I’ve taken many losses, financially, personally and mentally to the point where I want to share. I HAVE TO SHARE because I believe we can make a difference, big or small, who’s it down to measure and measure by what? As long as we’re able to do our part with what we have learnt, experienced and  are yet to endure that will contribute to the journey.

Yes, the journey of life, love, peace, salvation and even business. I’ve learnt to take things “less seriously,” the complete opposite to how I was and raised to be. Everything had to be serious, everyone around me had to be serious because image was everything.

I’ve learnt that even though that may be so in certain environments, it shouldn’t be made a priority, and there are far more important things to focus on in life. I wanted to create something that helps others, who may need extra help with looking and feeling great, not just physically but mentally, covering body beliefs and business.

So, thank you for joining me on this journey of transformation, renewing our mind and our bodies shall follow.

Thanks for joining me!



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