1 Corinthians 6:19-20 
Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle, has lately become one of the most popular methods of physical training and the maintenance of physical health.

Physical health is something that people overlook at times, however it has a huge link with mental health and your wellbeing. How we feel on the inside projects on the outside. So while physical health consists of physiology and fitness methods it also starts with your mindset and how willing you are to make the necessary changes and continue on with a new healthy lifestyle.

Living a life of health and fitness may seem like a huge sacrifice but the rewards are truly immeasurable, proven to cure chronic illnesses and reverse any autoimmune disease.

Not only will you be able to enjoy your life a little bit longer, and better, you can also live it while looking great and feeling younger.

Don’t believe me? Here is a rundown of the benefits that healthy living can give. Read on and you may be tempted to leave the dark unhealthy side.



1. Active Body

Eating the right kinds of food and keeping your body in shape will result to having more energy and that will spill over to your work and your play time. You will be more active and will have more chance to shine in your line of work. People who are active also come across as more capable and more independent. They are also perceived as more approachable, confident and charming. Keeping active physically with a balanced diet, keeps you agile and functioning properly.


2. Youthful Appearance

People who live healthy, have a more youthful appearance and are less likely to age as quickly as those who smoke and drink in excess. This is because chemicals in alcoholic drinks and cigarettes dry up the skin and create a more older appearance. Chemicals in the body also reduce the nutrients that go into the body, thus depriving the body of vitamins and minerals that keep the skin and other organs healthy and functioning to keep active and productive.

Being youthful in appearance, gives you a whole set of benefits, from a remarkable love life to success with career and in your social life. After all, whether we admit it or not, appearances do count in a lot of ways and being youthful and attractive can take you places. As shallow as it seems, you will have more friends and more romantic involvements. Everybody loves beautiful people, just make sure that outer beauty matches the inside one as personality and character is the ultimate key!


3. Clear Thinking

It is not true that chemicals in alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and drugs can amp up creativity levels. These are myths, that studies show are only short-lived in the mind. People who eat and live healthy are more able to think clearly. They are able to focus on the jobs at hand and therefore are able to accomplish much more with their work than other people. They are also dependable when given instructions as their memories are often clear and good.


4. No Illness

People who live a healthy lifestyle are well, healthy. They are not prone to sickness that can slow down achievement levels, therefore being able to accomplish much of what they set out to do. Image not being hampered by problems with your health or appointments with doctors that you have to go to.


5. Emotionally-secure

Although there really is no direct relationship, people who live a life of health and fitness are happier. They are able to enjoy their life more and are not distracted by odd habits and health problems. They also have less worries and are able to cope better with stressors. They don’t have to rely on chemicals for coping with the hardships that they encounter, they rely on food and natural sources as their medicine as well as exercise. So there’s no side effects of getting healthier like with pharmaceutical drugs. Early on, they have developed natural coping strategies that can help them get through the daily grind and feel good about themselves.

So what are you waiting for? What else do you need to know? Are you telling me a little exercise or a new fitness regime with a blanaceddiet for life is too much to ask?..

Well how much is your health worth to you? Don’t wait till it’s too late

Let’s start now. Let’s start your journey to be transformed.


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