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Creating Space To Heal

create and clean It’s officially week four, since the time I wrote ‘Healing to be healthy’. As I’ve been sharing the processes and steps for healing I’ve also been carrying them out myself, really reflecting on the journey and learning along the way. Along the journey to healing for health is the ability to create. There’s no single formula here when it comes to healing and it definitely doesn’t just take three or four weeks. However, it takes on average 21 days to form new habits to be formed. Before you can start implementing any kind of change you have to create a new space for you to do so. Before planting a new seed you make sure the soil is freshly watered and there’s enough room for the plant to grow. Likewise, for healing, you need to put yourself in a clean fresh environment mentally and physically that allows you to grow.

Cleaning To Heal


Before I take my paintbrushes, acrylics and canvas out, I always clean the area I intend to use. I place newspapers on the table and floor. In my mind, I am cleaning out and protecting the space I intend to create in. I would never start painting on a messy clustered surface with no room for my stuff, or with unclean hands.

You might be wondering how this all relates or fit’s together right? When you’re trying to better yourself, you don’t sit or get involved in clustered areas. Some people begin to clean. When you want to be more organised you clean your desk, files and get everything sorted and in order. When you want to change your wardrobe, you clean out the old things you don’t need before hanging up the new. So it’s the same thing when you want to heal. You get cleaning. Clean out the old, make room for the new.

Creating With Vision

create with vision You need to know where you’re going or why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. Ultimately you need to understand the bigger picture.  Nothing comes easy. It’s hard to move forward if you can’t see where you’re going. You’ll just be tempted to stay in the same place, and that’s not growth or healing. With vision and clarity, you’re able to find a space or create one, where you can begin to blossom. Jesus had a very clear vision of what his end goal was as it was God’s will for him. Everywhere Jesus went, he always made sure he had space, time and prayer to come back to the vision. He meditated on what he needed to do next for the prophecy to be fulfilled, always giving thanks to God for what was, is and would be. How much of our healing time is spent by creating that space for us to reline in our vision and God’s ”bigger picture for us”?  

Committing To The Change

Everyone knows that once you’ve seen the vision, it’s time to change and make changes. We want to be free, mentally, physically and spiritually but sometimes it’s easier to just be complacent. It’s too comfortable to say with the way things are or how they use to be. We may make the jump into becoming a better person then take constant steps back because we didn’t pace ourselves and realise there’s a lot more to it. Stay committed and journey onwards, do not look behind you or anywhere in the plain (Genisis 19 verse 17) Journey on, and stay committed to the healing process and the change needed.  



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