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A lot has been on my mind recently especially in regards to relationships, healing and letting go. I felt it was time to write and share what’s been put on my heart, for myself and anyone else that may need to hear this. When trying to be successful or happy, everything seems to centre around being ‘healthy’, having healthy relationships, healing so you can be healthy and letting go so you can heal and create healthy habits. To be healthy means to be whole, confident and focused on healing not just physically but mentally. Nothing happens physically without mental engagement. That’s why change ultimately starts from a new and improved mindset. Being transformed by the renewal of your mind is the only way to heal into a healthier version of yourself. You can decide whether you want to see the world with pessimistic lenses or optimistic ones. Even though the specs may seem to be showing completely different realities, from the outside you’re actually still in the same situation however it’s your mind that is creating negative or positive experiences. Health is not just about how you appear and whether you’re eating the right nutrients or not. Health is the ability to heal from bondages, limitations and addictions that don’t serve a greater purpose in our lives other than to hold us back and stop us from growing maturely and freely.

Step One: Honesty

The first step to ‘healing for health’ starts with being honest and sharing your wounds and insecurities. If you’re addicted to substance abuse, immoral thoughts, bad eating habits, etc, you can’t be in denial about it! The one thing you want to hide and keep in the dark so people don’t judge you, is most likely what you should be surfacing and dealing with; ‘humbly show your indecencies before your indecencies show you’. Stop living that dual lifestyle, where you come home to your insecurities or pain, suffering in silence then waking up the next day like you don’t have a problem that needs fixing. Start with just exposing yourself to you, being honest about all the things you do that annoys you or you wish you did less of. You are probably thinking ‘I don’t need fixing or healing like others who are really bad’ but that’s the illusion and excuse you will keep saying because you want to feel comfortable and secure, but If you don’t start healing now then when?


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