Fight For Your Love

As I was typing the title for this post ‘Fight for what you love’  I started humming the lyrics from Cheryl Cole’s song ”Fight, fight, fight, fight for this looovve” I’m sure you remember how the song goes and if not you’ll most likely end up humming those lyrics now that I’ve mentioned it.

You could call this a ‘valentines edition’ seeming as the day is drawing near. I like to look at all the ballon harts, large teddybears and I LOVE YOU cards, posted in front of every storefront around this time and just think to myself ‘why is it only now people want to be declaring their love’. What happens to those cosy couples during every other day in the year? are the same acts of love, affection and attention demonstrated before and after?

Dedication To Love

What I’ve learnt and still learning in life is that anything worth loving is something worth praying and fighting for. Hopefully what you see in those storefronts is not just a mask of what love is, but an act. We train, learn and grow in love everyday.

I’ve been in an ongoing love journey with myself and others in my life for 24 years now. Dedicated but not always consistent. Dedicated because giving up isn’t an option and everyday has been a new opportunity to keep improving. Not consistent because I’m aware of my flaws and if you were to follow my life with a hidden camera you’d see not everything has been done in the same way with strict lines over time.

I’m sure we all love to love. But not everything and everyone is easy to love. It’s natural to find ourselves getting anxious, discouraged and maybe finding potential backs ups. That’s simply because we aren’t ready to fight for our love the way we thought we were.

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The Fight For Love

In short, love is a choice. When you choose someone or something to be dedicated to, treat it as you would with any contract really. A promise to never give up regardless of the circumstances, obstacles and fears.  Your fight for what you love finds a way.

Any athlete preparing for their sport learns to manage and remove their fear from what they love so they focus on making it. The same applies to every other individual including you and I.  You can never be 100% prepared because that’s when professionalism gets in the way but you must fight the fear for what you love and attack.

You don’t need to start forcing things into your own hands or lurk on the competition as that would instantly invite fear into the picture. Instead look at this person or challenge you love so much and stand firm, ready to attack and protect the love you have for it/them, driving all barriers away.


''There is no fear in perfect love, but perfect love drives out fear'' - 1 John 4 18-19



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