why we need empathy to heal

I presume we all want to heal and either claim to be on a healing journey or healed already. The truth is after being honest, we stop at that and feel we’ve done the required amount needed to show we’re ready for change.

However, we can’t truly change without being able to empathise with the truth.

After being honest, you then have to deal with the truth and of course, that can be a little scary but actually very refreshing. The truth sets us free and when we heal that’s essentially what we’re doing; becoming free. This post is a continuation from the previous part 1, of ‘Healing to be healthy’ and will be focusing on empathy after being honest. If you haven’t yet read it, do so before continuing on with this one, by clicking here.

 Why empathy is important for healing?

To empathise is simply to understand, feel and share. Empathising with others is the ability to feel what they’re feeling as if you’re going through it or have been through the same emotions as them, so you can discern what they are feeling and thinking. Therefore what I mean by empathising with the truth is being able to understand it.

Once you’ve identified the problem or bondage shall we say, you then need to understand it. Nothing really works well without you understanding yourself. You need that clarity to move on and change.

Have you heard the saying ” what they don’t understand they fear and what they fear they seek to destroy ”

Well, I’ve realised that’s the same with us. When we don’t truly understand ourselves, our behaviours, why we do the things we do or unintentionally hurt the ones we love we then become anxious and afraid. We may project our feelings and anxieties onto others and end up destroying our relationship with them through the confusion and hidden insecurities that have yet to be dealt with.


Steps for change

Ok, so you’ve been honest, said your piece and shared yourself in a vulnerable way. You should feel slightly lighter now because you’ve begun to take on your truths and communicate them openly with yourself and maybe someone close to you.

Amazing! however, this isn’t the end to healing. You’ve just started.

Just because you’ve done something that you haven’t done before is new to you doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve changed; just means you’ve tried something new. keep going!


Start replacing your old habits with new ones. Have empathy in mind before acting on any situation. Understand why you do and say the things you do first without justifying your actions as a reaction from a situation or person. Really begin to feel and understand your own thought process to change.

Look at yourself and make a change. What will you start with today?





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